Electric home lifts

Designed to facilitate the effective elimination of vertical architectural barriers, platforms electrically operated are an ideal solution for private residences or public buildings.


Today the new version with automatic telescopic doors and pushbutton control combines the typical electric home lift advantages with the comfort of a lift.





With a travel range up to 20 meters and a rated load capacity of 300 or 450 kg, SHL may serve up to 8 floors with 3 openings; speed 0,3 m/s available only in selected countries.


Travel comfort.

Low-noise and travel comfort are actuated by a VVF variable-frequency vectorial inverter and by belt traction.


Low energy consumption.

SHL is actuated by a 220 Volt single-phase, using a motor with a power of only 0,55 kW* (less than half that of a small electrical appliance) for 0,15 m/s speed.


Optimization of space.

The installation of the controller inside the shaft guarantees the optimization of space.


Aesthetic value.

Wide customization possibilities make it an aesthetically attractive object adaptable to any context.


Complete vision.

The configuration of the drive system with a cantilever sling and the absence of oil in the shaft make it ideal for panoramic solutions: at least two of the cabin panels can always be made completely of glass.


Pushbutton control with automatic doors.

The control stops the cabin at the selected floor without the user having to keep the button pressed down.


Safety even if there is a power cut.

Additional batteries enables automatic arrival of the car at the selected floor in the event of a power cut.


Absence of polluting oil.

The innovative electric drive system eliminates the use of highly polluting oil and the consequent risk of leakage of the latter.

Technical information
Max. travel: 20 m
Max. number of stops: 8
Loading capacity: 450 kg
Net doors width: 60 - 105 cm
Passengers: 2 - 6
Speed: 0,15 m/s
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