Società del Gruppo Stevan Elevatori
Goods lifts

We have a wide range of sizes, lift capabilities and options. With our goods lifts it is possible to move everything on different building levels.

Our goods lifts are perfect for moving products and people safely and comfortably. They are the ideal solution to move heavy goods in warehouses, factories, supermarkets, shopping and hospitals.


Versatile and reliable, available in both hydraulically and electrically driven models, our goods lifts provide a solution for the handling of bulky and heavy goods. Distinguished by a robust technology and quality materials, they effectively satisfy the demands of warehouses, shopping centres or industrial facilities.


Whatever the characteristics of the goods to be transported, be they light, heavy or bulky (transpallet or forklift trucks), a wide variety of custom options allows customers to combine any of the available solutions until a machine which fulfils all requirements is obtained.


For enhanced safety, there is the option of fitting the doors with a special infrared barrier which immediately reopens the doors upon detecting a person or even a small-sized object. Our goods lifts have virtually no limits as far as size and load are concerned, as they are able to carry up to 10,000 Kg.


Roof may be supplied white or in the same colour as the walls, with rectangular recess-mounted ceiling light fixture.


Bumper strips can be positioned at various heights and in several rows and are available in Rubber, Stainless steel and Wood.


The standard sill is made of aluminum to withstand heavy or concentrated loads it can also be supplied in reinforced aluminum, stainless steel tubing or iron tubing.

Technical information
Max. travel: on request
Max. number of stops: on request
Loading capacity: 200 - 20.000 kg
Net doors width: on request
Passengers: 2 - 150
Speed: 0,15 - 1 m/s
* The field is required